Benefits of Seamless Steel Siding

Using seamless steel siding can provide you with several unique benefits during a construction project. Seamless steel siding has some advantages over vinyl and other types of siding that are on the market. Here are some of the benefits that come with installing seamless steel siding.

Moisture Problems

One of the major advantages of using seamless steel siding is in the area of moisture problems. When you install any type of siding with seams in it, there is a possibility that moisture can get in the seam. This can cause issues with mold and mildew growing in the seam and behind the siding. When moisture gets into the seam, it can cause an unsightly buildup right in the seam and start to look bad. If moisture gets in the seam and creates mold, you could be faced with a fairly large mold remediation bill. If the mold spreads throughout the area underneath the siding, it could be very difficult to remove. With seamless steel siding, most problems of this nature can be avoided.

Surface Mildew

Another common problem with certain types of siding is that they can allow surface mildew to grow on them. These types of vinyl have small grooves that allow water to find their way into them. Seamless steel siding is less likely to allow mildew than other types of siding because of its relatively smooth surface.

Wind Problems

Another benefit that you get from seamless steel siding is that it does not suffer from wind problems as badly as other types of siding. When you install siding that has a seam in it, a bad wind could potentially come along and separate it from the wall. If the wind was bad enough, it could rip the siding right off of the wall. With seamless steel siding, you will not have to worry about this problem as the edges are not exposed.


When compared to other siding materials, steel siding is going to be one of the most durable options available. Steel is much harder than vinyl and as a result, it will resist damage better. For example, during a hale storm, vinyl siding has been known to break and crack easily. This could result in needing to replace the siding much sooner. When you have steel siding, it will resist breakage from hale damage better and therefore save you money in replacement costs. While steel can be dented by hale, it is not as likely to be damaged as other types of siding.


Seamless steel siding also presents you with the advantage of having superior fade resistance. Other types of siding, such as vinyl will fade as a result of repeat exposure to the sun. With steel siding, this will not be as big of an issue. It can fade over time, but it will resist the fading better than other types of siding.


In addition to the specific performance benefits that seamless steel siding provides, it also looks better. Not having a seam in the siding gives it a more finished look. Therefore, most consumers will prefer the look that seamless steel siding provides over other types that require a seam.