Benefits of Treated Pine Decking

For many reasons like durability, low-cost and safety, treated pine decking is becoming more and more popular. The attempt to make decks long-lasting, economical and safer lead to the evolution of the science behind treated pine. Many people might prefer redwood or cedar for their deck but using treated pine you can have the same benefits or even more, and it is a lot cheaper than the other options.


Pine wood is very readily available and is quite cheap compared to many other woods of the same class. In case of treated pine decks the pine wood is treated under pressure with water-borne preservatives that helps to keep the wood from getting infected. Previously for the treatment of the pine wood, chromated copper arsenate was used. This was a major disadvantage of the treated pine woods as this preservative contains arsenic. Arsenic is a major pollutant and it contaminates ground water and is very harmful. But now with the evolving technology and the improvement in the process of treating the pine wood this disadvantage is no more there. Nowadays Micronized copper quaternary is used as the preservative and this compound is very safe and it also retains the original color of the pine wood.


The main reason for choosing treated pine wood decking is its low-cost. The treated pine wood is not very expensive and guarantees to give a promising performance over the years. Ipe wood might be better than treated pine but just marginally or we can very well say that they are at par when it comes to durability, but still treated pine costs much less than ipe wood.


Treated pine is maintenance free. The main problem with pine wood was, it is very vulnerable to fungal infection and invasion by other insects. Pine woods also absorbed moisture very easily and thus the wood use to get damaged on its own after usage over few years. This problem is solved in case of treated pine decking as due to the treatment of the wood with preservatives there is no chance of fungal infection and the life of the wood also increased. Treated pine decks are literally maintenance free and this is the main advantage over the traditional pine decks. With the least amount of maintenance effort, treated pine decks can last anywhere between 10 to 15 years.

Earth Friendly

When you dispose the treated pine deck after usage for a long time, this wood is very eco-friendly. The treated pine decks do not pollute the environment or gets deposited as a waste material. Even if you are planning to burn it after usage, it gives out less energy and carbon dioxide.


Treated pine is at least four times stronger than plastic and is very durable also. Another major advantage of using treated pine in decks is, when exposed to sunlight over a long period, it absorbs very less heat and stays quite cool. Thus it is more comfortable under your feet even when the sun is burning.