Benefits of Using Spur Gears Benefits of Using Spur Gears

The most common type of parallel-axis gears are spur gears. Usually, spur gears are mounted on parallel shafts and they have straight teeth. They are used to control the speed or alter the direction of shafts.

How They Are Made

Spur gears are made through the processes of gear shaping (or hobbing), injection molding (for plastic gears), sintering or metal powder pressing (for iron gears).

When two spur gears are mated, their movement is normally just rolling at the point of tooth contact. Some sliding occurs during engagement (in contact) and disengagement (moving away from contact).

Home Use

These spurs gears are widely used in making home devices such as clocks, electric drills or screwdrivers, and washing machines. However, spur gears are seldom used in making automobiles because they make a significant amount of noise when in use, most especially when the movement of the gears is fast.

Industry Use

Spur gears are best used in large machines that make-up an assembly line in factories. Some of the machines where spur gears are used include: automatic packing machines; film winding components; and film cutting components.

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