Benefits to Foam Board Insulation Backed with Aluminum Foil

Stacks of foam board.

A foam board is usually constructed as insulation panels, which are used to insulate the home. They can be used to insulate everything from the roof to even the foundation of the home. Foam board insulation can also be backed with aluminum foil. This will provide a great deal of thermal resistance. Often, this type of insulation will add lots of strength, structurally speaking, to the home. Here are some of the benefits to foam board insulation backed with aluminum foil.

Adds Strength

One of the most important properties of this type of foam board insulation is its strength. You sometimes will see this insulation along the inside of a garage door. Fiberglass garage doors tend to be very flimsy and subject to nicks and dents from even the smallest tennis ball. The insulation helps to resist some of the damage that can be caused by everyday activities.

Regulates the Room's Temperature

Form board insulation that is backed with aluminum foil is one of the better materials you can use to insulate a room, as it helps to regulate the room's temperature. During winter months it will keep the heat in and during the summer months it will help to keep the heat out. It is a popular choice among homeowners for insulating attics and basements.

Blocks the Sun's Radiant Heat

So you already know that this type of insulation can help to regulate a room's temperature, but even more than that, it actually helps to block the sun's radiant heat. Since the insulation is backed by aluminum foil, the aluminum will reflect the rays of the sun during the heat of the day, therefore preventing the sun from penetrating the room or interior space. Other insulation has absorbing properties to reduce the penetration of the light. This type of insulation, however, has reflective properties that just prevent the sun's rays from penetrating the room.

Easy Installation

This type of insulation is so easy to install. All you need to install this insulation is a pair of scissors and a measuring tape to measure the length and width you need to install. If you need to secure it in place, just pull out your staple gun or a few small finishing nails.


You certainly do not need any extra hands or helpers to help you install this foam board insulation. In fact, to install the insulation, you can carry enough to do an entire room by yourself. Some of the insulation will come in rolls and other types will come in sheets.

No Maintenance

Foam board insulation does not disintegrate. Therefore, it is good for the environment and it does not require any special attention or maintenance.