Benefits to Owning a Motorcycle

For some people, just wanting a motorcycle is reason enough for buying one. However, there are other benefits to owning a motorcycle other than fulfilling a desire. These reasons may help you convince others that buying a motorcycle is more than just getting what you want.


Whether you are buying new or used, a decent motorcycle costs less than a decent automobile. On average, a motorcycle costs about half of a car of the equivalent age and quality.

Better Fuel Efficiency

With the price of fuel blossoming, driving a motorcycle can save quite a bit of money, while being better for the environment. A mid-sized motorcycle usually averagess about 35 to 60 mpg, depending on whether you do most of your driving in town or on an open road.

Environmentally Friendly

Motorcycles use less oil and produce less carbon emissions than their four-wheeled friends. Enjoy the fresh air in your face while knowing you are contributing to cleaner air while driving a motorcycle.


If you live in a state with lots of tolls, you can save money by driving on two wheels.


Motorcycle insurance is considerably lower that automobile insurance. For those with a good driving record, motorcycle insurance averages a couple hundred dollars a year, while car insurance can easily cost over a thousand dollars.

Increased Awareness

It's much harder to doze at the wheel while on a motorcycle with the wind whipping your face. Studies have been done to show that driving a motorcycle raises cognitive functioning. Driving a motorcycle encourages one to be in-the-moment, shifting gears frequently and keeping your eye on the road for debris to avoid.

Be sure to get the proper training before driving a motorcycle. When studying for your motorcycle driving test, consider signing up for a class. Don't forget to invest in a durable helmet, gloves, boots and other gear; the joys of being in the open can turn sour quickly if you get in an accident.

Easier Maintenance

Although maintenance costs can be expensive for a motorcycle, learning how to work on one isn't as daunting as the system is smaller and simpler. Save more money by taking a class to learn how your motorcycle works and how to repair it.


Finding a place to park is much easier on a motorcycle. If a building has special motorcycle parking, it is most likely to be up close.

Increased Enjoyment

Taking a road trip on a motorcycle makes it easier to enjoy the scenery with nothing to block your view; save money on gas and spend it on entertainment and delicious food. Giving friends or family members rides can be double the fun, and snuggling on a motorcycle with your loved one is an added bonus to driving a motorcycle. Joining a motorcycle club will give you an opportunity to take vacations with new friends and share your love of motorcycles and a free lifestyle.