Benefits to Using a Trellis with Perennial Vines Benefits to Using a Trellis with Perennial Vines

There are many benefits to using a trellis with perennial vines.

Most vines will grow better if they have a trellis to support them. Any vine that is a fast grower or invasive such as Wisteria or Honeysuckle, will grow on itself and become a huge tangle. This takes away from the beauty of the vine and it will actually kill itself by growing and vining on older growth. Over time this will kill the entire vine.

Slower growing vines such as Clematis need a trellis to support itself and achieve upward growth. Vines like the Clematis are meant to be displayed so their blooms can be enjoyed. This can only be done with a trellis. Since Clematis likes to have its roots and lower stems shaded and the top in sunlight, using a trellis is the only way to achieve this.

Perennial vines will grow to anything nearby and cover it rather quickly, so if you have other bushes, plants or trees you most likely don't want your vines growing all over them in a messy tangle that can in time overwhelm and kill other plants.

Perennial vines that are on a trellis are easier to access to prune, pick blossoms and spray with fertilizers and bug killers and to perform other routine maintenance.

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