The Many Benefits of Central Vacuum Systems The Many Benefits of Central Vacuum Systems

If you love a clean house, but can't stand vacuuming, then a central vacuum system may be an ideal addition to your home. What is a central vacuum system? Think about how your central air conditioning works. You have vents in every room that cool air gets blown out of. The cool air is blown from a central blower fan and condensing unit. Now reverse the air flow. When a vacuum hose is attached to the suction vent in a room, the central unit sucks the dirt and dust back to the collection point, usually outside the house.

Central vacuum systems have become more popular due to the increased suction power compared to their portable cousins. A normal portable vacuum generally cleans with an airflow between 60 and 90 cfm (cubic feet per minute), whereas a central system's airflow can be up to 185 cfm. That's two to three times the cleaning power! Central systems can offer that advantage because they have a much larger motor running the show.

Suction power isn't the only reason homeowners love their central systems. They no longer have to lug a heavy vacuum from room to room, manage the long cord, change dirty and dusty bags and worry about broken belts. With a central system, all you need to do is take the lightweight vacuum hose from room to room, plug it into the port and clean away. When you plug the hose into the inlet port, the vacuum automatically turns on, and it turns off when you pull the hose out.

Users of central home systems love their vacuum systems and few ever go back to traditional vacuuming. One reason may be that with the increase airflow, more dust and dander gets removed from the home, making it a cleaner and less allergenic environment. Traditional bag vacuums have been proven to leak dust back into the room during vacuuming. This doesn't occur with central systems. All the dust and dirt is removed from the home, with no leakage back into the room. And yes, that includes those nasty dust mites.

With the addition of some higher-end portable vacuums on the market, it's becoming an economically sound decision to go with a central unit. For a similar price, you get a tremendous increase in suction ability. Not to mention your home's value will increase by nearly $2000 with a central vacuum system installed!

Another reason central vacuum systems are gaining popularity is the fact that they generate much less noise than the portable versions. Since the motor and suction unit is usually located out of the home, the motor's noise is unheard inside. They are also heavily insulated to dampen the noise even more. You won't be given the evil eye as you're trying to vacuum while the ball game's on or while your kids are doing their homework.

Central vacuum systems use PVC piping to run from each inlet port back to the central unit in a branch style (meaning the ports branch off of a main line). Low voltage wires are run along the PVC from the central unit to the inlets so it can turn on when the hose is inserted.

With so many advantages, it's no wonder central vacuum systems are becoming a common addition to many homes. In a world where there is so much pollution in the very air we breathe, our home can now be the safe, allergy-free haven it's meant to be.
Dave Donovan is a freelance copywriter living in Atco, N.J. An electrician for 15 years, an injury forced him to pursue his true passion - writing.

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