Berber Carpet Pricing Guide Berber Carpet Pricing Guide

Berber carpet is known to be a very durable carpet type. It uses a variety of fibers in its weave including nylon and olefin carpet fibers and can easily be cleaned and maintained. The cost of a good quality Berber carpet ranges depending on where you purchase the material. Berber carpet can be found as remnants in a carpet discounter’s warehouse, online and sold for low prices.

Berber Carpet Pricing Guide

An example of the pricing for Berber carpeting with one retailer shows prices of $6.39 a square yard for a 28-ounce olefin fiber Berber, $8.39 a square yard for a 32-ounce olefin/nylon fiber blend Berber carpet, $13.89 a square yard for a 48-ounce olefin/nylon fiber blend Berber carpet and $15.39 a square yard for a 32-ounce nylon fiber Berber carpet. These prices appear to be consistent throughout retailers that sell Berber carpets online.

Getting the Best Berber Carpet Price

To get the best Berber carpet pricing for your carpeting needs, the best place to go is to a discounter or wholesaler within your community. This will eliminate any delivery charges and other fees that you may otherwise have to pay for your new Berber carpet. By reducing your costs, you will get the most Berber carpet for the money.

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