Best 3 Types of Non-Toxic Stains for an Oak Crib

Staining an oak crib is a job that you'll want to take extra care on. You don't want to apply just any stain that's available on the store shelf. Non-toxic stains that are free of chemicals and made for sensitive individuals are the types that you'll want to look for, in order to protect your newborn. Below are 3 of the best types of non-toxic stains for an oak crib.


DuroStain makes a non-toxic and low odor stain for oak wood that's called SafeCoat. SafeCoat is actually trademarked and offered by a number of brands, but DuroStain is one of the best. It's made especially for individuals who are chemically sensitive, so it's perfect for a baby's oak crib.

Wood Stain by LifeTime

This is a water-based stain that's marketed as non-toxic and non-flammable. Just add water to the product and apply it to an oak crib for a long-lasting and toxin-free stain.

Americana Wood Gel Stain

This gel stain features the same benefits as the above stains: it's non-toxic and doesn't give off odors, making it safe for staining an oak crib. Because it's in a gel form, there's no need to worry about the stain running or dripping when you apply it.