Best Air Conditioner Diffuser for Domestic Use

diffuser installed into ceiling panels

An air conditioner diffuser helps the cooled air circulate around the room more effectively. The shape and size of your rooms will determine what kind of air conditioner diffuser you should install for your central air conditioning system. Read on to learn more about the best air conditioner diffuser to choose for your needs.

Rectangular or Square Grid Air Diffusers

These are usually installed around the edge of a room or at two ends of a hallway. Because they blow air directly outward from the grid, they can be a bit drafty when you stand right in front of them, but this effect disappears when you move to one side. Reducing the fan speed also eliminates drafts.

Round or Spiral Air Diffusers

You will find these in large rooms with a low to medium ceiling height of less than 15 feet. They work well at circulating the air in a large open space like a dining room or physical fitness studio rather than a home. Because they move the air in a spiral, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, they create a drafty effect all the way around. You need to move more than 10 feet away from the center of this air diffuser to escape the draft.