Best Bedroom Closet Doors for The Disabled

When designing a home that will be lived in by a disabled person, it is important that the features in the home are in easy reach and move easily without a great deal of effort. For bedroom closet doors, it is simply a matter of taking into consideration the special needs of a disabled person before choosing the doors.

Sliding Doors
Sliding bedroom closet doors are a great choice for a disabled person because they do not swing out into the room. When someone who is wheelchair bound, it can be difficult to move out of the way of a traditional swing door. A sliding door offers the ability to simply move the door open to the side.  Keep the knobs at the proper level so that they are easily accessible by a disabled person.

Folding Doors
Folding bedroom closet doors are another good choice for the disabled. These offer the same convenience as a sliding door and can be another design option for your bedroom. The knobs should be installed low enough so that they can be easily reached by a disabled person.

Pocket Doors
Pocket bedroom closet doors will slide right into the frame of the door. Choose these doors for a great bedroom closet door choice for a disabled person.

Choosing the right closet doors for a disabled person is something that will make the home more livable for them. Keeping counters and shelves at a height that can be reached easily and widening hallways to make them wheelchair accessible is something that will make life a little bit easier.

The bedroom closet door might not immediately spring to mind when you are designing a home for a disabled person, but it can certainly make things much easier.

A home that is designed for a disabled person simply helps the person be more independent. When the shelves and doors are placed so that they can move about the house freely without help, it can add to the quality of life.

Design Choices for the Elderly
These design choices are not merely for the disabled. Elderly people will find that adding bedroom closet doors that easily slide open make life easier as well. Make sure that the door is not too heavy and that it slides easily along the track. These doors require very little strength to open and close and are a wonderful choice for the elderly.

Many homes are equipped with dumbwaiters, elevators and wheelchair lifts to help disabled and elderly people move about the home. A two story home can be very difficult for an elderly or disabled person to maneuver. Adding these features to the home make them much more comfortable for those who have difficulty getting around.  

Keep shelves and cabinets on the right level as well as mirrors and even pictures. Consider the position that the disabled person is in as they move around the house. This will help you to put everything in perspective when you are making design choices for the home of a disabled or elderly person.