Best Brain Food Snacks

Foods for snacking do not have to be at odds with healthy brain food that delivers essential nutrients for the central nervous system. Lots more people are looking at how their snacking can affect their overall cognitive performance. Here are some of the much renowned snack foods that can have a healthy impact on your mental clarity and overall brain function.

Nuts – All kinds of nuts have a lot of oils and essential nutrients for better brain health. Cold pressed nut oils or refrigerated nuts are generally best. Look at adding handfuls of peanuts, walnuts or other nuts to your diet for a nutrition-packed natural daily supplement.

Cauliflower and Brocolli – In addition to having a lot of the antioxidants that are helpful for overall body function and brain activity, these vegetables also have a supply of an element called choline that can really help improve brain performance, especially in the development of the brain, which makes this a winner for pregnancy diets. Look at adding some fresh cauliflower or broccoli to your snack regimen and get, not just “brain food” but an overall health boost.

Eggs – Eggs can be harder to keep around then some other more accessible snack foods, but scientists have found that the yolk of the egg is especially well packed with brain boosting nutrients. Think about including hard-boiled eggs for a diet that provides a lot of what your body needs, while at the same time being careful not to over indulge in a food that can lead to high cholesterol for some individuals.

Berries – Blueberries are one of the top brain foods being promoted nowadays. Another one is acai berries. What a lot of these plant foods have is a high level of antioxidants, which do a lot of different things for the body, including providing good brain function. Take a look at all of the different ways that you can add fresh berries into your diet, from snacking on these “raw foods” to sprinkling them over breakfast cereals.

Coffee – Those who rely on their daily cup of Joe will be happy to know that scientists also rank coffee relatively high on the list of brain foods. There is a complex nutritional reasoning behind the helpful cognitive effects of coffee. Some people just feel better and more confident after a “coffee boost” but there’s also some evidence that the coffee bean has some of what provides for better brain activity. Again, it’s best not to take this approach to the extreme, as over-caffeination can have some drawbacks in terms of performance and overall health.

Wild Fish – Fish may not be a snack, but it is definitely a brain food. With omega-3 fatty acids and other brain boosting nutrients, wild caught fish is an excellent source of some of the stuff your brain needs to excel. Nutritionists recommend wild fish over farmed varieties for a number of reasons. Look for good wild caught varieties at your local super market in think about adding these to your menu.

All of these foods will be likely to help you feel better and work better while improving your overall health. Talk to your doctor before any sudden changes in your menu, especially if you are pregnant. With better learning about brain health, individuals can give themselves a performance boost and enjoy a diet that will lead to longevity and quality of life.