Best Climate for Fence Plants Best Climate for Fence Plants

There are many different types of fence plants that will add beauty and privacy to your home. Fence plants are plants that grow and climb on chain link fences, walls, or anything that allows the plant to grasp onto something. Depending on which plant you choose, there are different climates that are ideal for your plants. In this article, we are going to cover the basic climate conditions for average fence plants, such as the Actinidia Kolomikta, or Kiwi Vine, and the Campsis Radicans, or Trumpet Vine.

Sun and Temperature

These types of climbing vines enjoy mild sunlight, so plant them in an area where it allows full sunlight in the morning, and shade in the evening. These types of climbing vines flourish better in mild heat, such as 70 degree F weather. If the regular temperature is different, plant the vines accordingly. If it is hotter, allow the plant to get more shade, and if it is colder, allow the plant to get a longer period of direct sunlight.


A common problem with fence plants are flooding. Water tends to run along a fence in heavy rain, and sometimes, they can flood and uproot climbing fence plants. In climates that receive heavy rains, it is a good idea to create a draining mote, that helps the water drain away from the plants.

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