Best Climates for Roll Out Grass Patches Best Climates for Roll Out Grass Patches

Roll out grass patches are a good solution for yards that have dead or dry spots. Roll out turf will thrive better in some areas because of the climate. Here is some basic information on what roll out patches need, and if it's the best option for you.

Cool and Humid

The ideal climate for roll out patches is an area that is relatively cool and humid. This will keep the patch from scorching in extreme heat, and the humidity will keep the patch moist enough to allow for growth. While this is the best climate, it can be grown successfully in other areas as well.

Drought Ridden Climates

In climates that don't experience a lot of rain, roll out turf can still be used. You will want to find a roll out patch that is drought resistant. This will be hardier and will allow your patch to root with hand watering.

Shady Areas

Roll out patches can be used in areas that don't get a lot of sunlight. You will need to look for roll out turf that is designed specifically for shady areas. This type of turf will be more expensive, but will be able to root and grow well in low light conditions.

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