Best Fence Plants for Lots of Shade Best Fence Plants for Lots of Shade

If you want a shaded area along a fence you will need to choose good fence plants for lots of shade.


If you like vines that will climb up your fence and along the top of it, consider a Clematis. A Clematis blooms in spring and early summer and comes in many colors. They tend to like their root area and lower area shaded and a little sun to the top. This habit works well for a shaded area since even a shaded area will get the early spring sun before trees leaf out to prived the sun needed at the top of the plant.

Base Plants

For lower growing or base plants there are many you can choose from. For bulbs, the popular tulip is a good choice for color in spring as are daffodils, crocus and hyacinth.


If you want perennial plants, which return every year without being replanted, the most popular choice for shade is the hosta. Hostas are available in many varieties from solid green leaves to green and white to lime green. They will add a color pop to any shade garden.

Other perennials that do well in shade are Bleeding Heart and Columbine. Both of these plants bloom in early summer and multiply well from year to year. They require a minimum of care once planted and established.

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