Best Green Upholstery Cleaning Products for Your Ultrasuede Furniture

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Upholstery cleaning does not have to be bad for our environment. There are plenty of 'green' ways to do this. One thing you can use green cleaning products on is your ultrasuede furniture.

What Is Ultrasuede?

Ultrasuede is a fairly recent discovery. This is a kind of material made with fiber that is extremely fine and yet very durable. The concept was discovered in 1970 by a Japanese doctor named Miyoshi Okamoto. Since then, plenty of furniture companies have incorporated this into their products.

Green Choices for Ultrasuede Upholstery Cleaning

You definitely would want to keep your Ultrasuede furniture clean. This material is extremely strong and durable but it is not resistant to stains or dirt.

Cleaning your ultrasuede upholstery does not have to be harmful for the environment. There are plenty of green choices you can consider. For instance, you can go to an upholstery cleaner that only uses chemical-free materials. If you desire to do the cleaning yourself, only go for cleansers that are water-based. Some stains will disappear if you just dab a wet cloth on them. If this is not enough, you can create a mixture of an environmental-friendly dishwashing liquid and water. Try Ecover or Seventh Generation. Use this as a shampoo to get the stain out. Rather than saturating the surface, use a dabbing technique instead.