Best Growing Conditions For Your African Daisy

The African daisy will thrive in dry environments, which makes it a perfect plant for western areas of the United States. Though it is fairly tolerant, you can provide certain conditions to encourage the best growth.

Proper Temperatures

Ideally, the African daisy should have a sunny location during the day but it will thrive with cooler nights around 40 degrees F.

Dry Soil

Adequate drainage is crucial for an African daisy’s success, and over-watering may kill the plant or cause problems with mold and rot.  During long periods of draught, you may need to provide the African daisy with a small amount of additional water, but otherwise, you should take care to avoid too much moisture.

Clay soil is not good for African daisies because it retains moisture.  If your soil is too wet, try mixing in some compost or peat moss to combat the problem or use a raised garden bed for moisture control.

Proper Maintenance

Always remove fallen petals from around the African daisy and pluck off old leaves.  Allowing them to remain can cause problems with fungus and mold. 


It is advisable to fertilize your African daisy for optimum results, but don't over-fertilize.  Water-soluble fertilizers may be used bi-weekly to promote plant health.