Best Home Humidity Level for Air Conditioning Best Home Humidity Level for Air Conditioning

A good home humidity level should be maintained in air conditioned homes to prevent health issues that are associated with dry air. Humidity is the level of water vapor that is present in the air circulating inside the house. Different rooms may have different humidity levels and you can determine this through a device called a hygrometer, which can be availed cheaply from many discount, hardware and department stores. With the hygrometer, you will be able to identify which part of the house has poor humidity level.

The Right Humidity Level

Ideally, you should have a humidity level inside your home that range from 40 to 50 percent. However, anywhere from 30% to 60% would be acceptable.

Issues with Dry Air

If the humidity level inside your house is less than 30 percent, there are many health problems that may develop such as dry throat and nose which often lead to upper respiratory problems. There may also be skin irritations and dryness on people living on the house. Aside from people, things inside the house can also suffer from low humidity. Wood that is installed on various parts of the house will shrink down and the joints on furniture can come loose. There can also be cracks on drywall and plaster if the low humidity is excessive.

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