Best Kinds of Sink Plungers to Use

If you are looking to get a new sink plunger then there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind while you are making this selection. Basically there are two different kinds of plungers with one looking more like an accordion and the other looking like a normal half circle plunger. Here is a little information on both of them.

Half Circle

This is the type of plunger that many people have in their homes and it looks much like a toilet plunger but it does not have that extra lip on it. Many people like to get this kind because it can be kept in the bathroom in case of emergencies and can also look good as they come in many different designs and styles. It is easy to use and store as you can have it in plain sight or put it away and is pretty inexpensive to get. The best part of this plunger is that the bottom is made of rubber so when you are working on the sink you will not have to worry about damaging or scratching it at all.


This plunger is a little bit taller and it has a handle like the half circle plunger but instead of the half circle or capped bottom it is more like an accordion with many folds going down it. While this is less popular because of its design, it works just as well if not better. The one downside to this type of plunger is that while it works well, it is not typically made of rubber and is usually out of plastic so it could end up scratching your sink depending on the strength put behind the plunge or the situation overall. Many people that have this plunger though are very satisfied with the way that it works. Because of its large size it can drive in a large burst of air while it is plunging quickly so that it can unclog better. The other downside though besides the material is that it doesn't come in as many designs as the other and having it out in the bathroom may not be as appealing. However, those who use it seem to care more about its function than the sight of it as it has gotten many good reviews.

Both of these plungers are great in all situations and are the top to use. The only difference really is the way that they look and the material that they are made from. However they are both great when it comes to functioning and will almost always get the clog fixed. It is more a matter of personal opinion when it comes to deciding between the two. No matter which plunger you choose though, you will want to make sure that you are keeping the size of your sink in mind and the plunger is proportionate to that because it will make s difference while you are trying to work.