Best Material for Porch Brick

When it comes to choosing porch brick, you have many different choices of brick materials. With so many different materials out there, you want to make sure that you are using the right one when you are building your next porch. While you can certainly use wood, brick is often a popular and sturdy choice. If you aren't sure which kind of brick to use, you may want to consider a combination of concrete and face brick.


Concrete is best for stability. It is definitely the most common when it comes to types of brick used to building and is very durable.This type of brick will withstand any type of weather and will stay standing for years to come. It is the most dependable material and while the look of it isn't always as eye catching, the stability is overwhelming. Another upside to this is that concrete bricks really aren't that expensive or hard to find at all. You can get this material easily at a hardware or local home store for your porch project and many places will deliver it to your home for you for the installation.

Face Brick

This is the better looking of the bricks and is made for the exterior of homes. Face brick is basically put on the outside over the concrete, to give the porch a high quality finish. The best part of this type of brick is that it comes in all different sizes and colors and even designs so that you can create any look with it, giving the surface more character and style. Typically, this brick is more expensive than the regular concrete, however, you don't have to get nearly as much of it as it is basically for the outside layer where people can see. To find the best face brick for your project you can look online or at a local hardware store and pick out a design or color that will compliment your home. One thing that you will want to keep in mind when you are trying to decide on which face bricks you want is that they may take longer to come in if they have intricate designs on them. If your project isn't for awhile and you are willing to wait then ordering something unique is definitely an option. However, if you are pressed for time you may want to consider a solid color as they tend to be in stock and can be found for you much more quickly.

A combination of these two brick materials is going to take your porch to the next level. With the stability of the concrete brick and the style of the face brick you will love the end product. After you are finished you will be able to sit out and admire all of the hard work that went into it.