Best 7 Eco-Friendly Materials to Use to Make Storage Bin Containers

With everyone keeping an out for eco-friendly ways to make their homes more green, storage bin containers an ideal solution. Using your imagination and a few materials, you can make attractive, environmentally friendly storage containers for every room! Here are 7 materials to consider as options for your storage needs.

1 - Baskets Made of Branches and Twigs

For centuries, cultures all over the world have used branches and twigs to make sturdy, long lasting baskets and bowls. You can learn to weave and create baskets and other types of containers online or by taking a class.

2 - Clay

Like baskets made of twigs and branches, clay has been used for centuries for making containers. Clay is a completely natural product that, when fired, is very sturdy. You will just want to take care to not drop it or it will break. Molding clay is very easy, and you can make bins yourself to any shape and size that suits your storage needs.

3 - Recycled Materials

Recycling is one of the best ways we can protect the environment. Use an old file box for storage in a bedroom closet, under the bed or for storing toys. You can redecorate it to give it a fresh new look and re-purpose it by covering with paint, wallpaper, or or shelf paper.

4 - Fabric

You can use fabric to cover any item you have in your garage to make a storage container that will work with any decor in your home. You can also sew fabric into a box or bin shape using a fabric interfacing to make it sturdy. Add a convenient handle and a pretty bow or lace to finish it up.

5 - Cardboard

Cardboard is very easy to cut and shape, and you can easily fasten it together with duct tape. Be sure to cover the entire bottom to be certain your belongings do not fall through the bottom when filled.

6 - Wood

Wood is the most sturdy of supplies you can use to make storage containers. You can use inexpensive pressed wood to make containers that will last for years. Once they are built, you can paint or stain them. You can have the pieces pre-cut for you at your local home improvement store or lumber center, assemble them and apply the finish of your choice.

7 - Glass

Gather a few old jars, clean them well and use alcohol to remove any labels. Paint them as desired to make storage containers for art supplies, pens and pencils, or notions for sewing, as well as in the bathroom for cotton swabs and hair accessories.  You can easily label the jars after painting with a permanent marker so you know the contents.