Best Patio Deck Plans for Your Home

Brick house with large back elevated deck

The best patio deck plans for your home will vary depending on your needs and the size of your home. If you are planning on creating a new patio deck, or renovating an existing one, here are a few things to consider.

1. Space Needed

If you entertain often, or enjoy lots of company over the summer months, it's a good idea to create a patio deck that is large enough to be comfortable. There is nothing worse than planning a barbecue and having a cramped space to try to enjoy it in. You need to think about what type of furniture you will have, how much furniture will be placed, what type of cooking appliances will be there, and any kids’ items that may linger around. You want your patio to be spacious enough to move around comfortably without having to weave between furniture and around grills.

2. Materials

deck with furniture, rug, and decor

A patio deck is unique in that you can use a variety of materials for the actual construction. You want to consider the current look of your home and try to find a style that coordinates nicely. A beautifully appointed brick home is going to look better with a brick patio deck. A modern style home may not be the best home to place to build an old country charm stone patio deck.

You also want to think about the amount of time you want to spend in maintaining the deck. A wood deck patio patio will need to be treated and sealed every few years. Some forms of natural stone will need to be sealed and cleaned regularly. Vinyl and composite materials won't require much maintenance, but you will be stuck with the color and style until you decide to tear it out.

3. Patio Entries

long deck alongside massive sliding glass doors

Another consideration to take into account is where the patio is going to connect with the house. Using an existing door is the easiest route. However, if you only have a small door leading to your yard and you expect to entertain a lot of people, this can create foot traffic issues. Windows can be converted into doors if you have a different area you want to connect the patio with. Also think about how the patio can be incorporated into your landscape. You may need to add a gate if you want to limit the activity to the patio only.

4. Additions and Options

A patio deck can be a very simple design, or you can go as ornate as you want. Many patio decks will incorporate built-in benches to the sides to create more seating. Some patio decks can have multiple levels that connect with stairs. Some people choose to add a patio roof or retractable awning so the patio can be enjoyed despite inclement weather. All of these options are going to add to the cost of installing the patio. Some things may not be necessary. But if you have your heart set on a certain design element, it's better to save up for it rather than settle for a patio deck that you won't be happy with.