Best Patio Furniture Covers for Winter

In the summer, everyone enjoys their patio furniture, but when the harsh winter weather hits, patio furniture covers are your best bet to protect your outdoor tables, chairs and other patio furniture. Winter brings snow, wind, and below zero temperatures that can cause damage to any patio furniture left out in the elements. In order to prevent this, you need a good set of furniture covers. Here is a look at some of the best ones:

Vinyl Patio Furniture Covers

One of the best kinds of patio furniture covers is made of thick, commercial grade vinyl that is 7 millimeters thick. It is made to withstand bad weather of all types. It has soft, waterproof and UV treated vinyl on the outside and injected fleece on the inside so as not to scratch your furniture. Some of the vinyl types also come with special Velcro straps to hold the covers securely onto the piece of furniture. Usually, it is only available in a grey color.

Special Weave Patio Furniture Covers

One of the more resilient types of patio furniture covers is made of a special material that is not only hard-wearing, but also breathable, resistant to water, and won’t peel or crack like vinyl sometimes does. It was tested to withstand temperatures down to -40 degrees F. The covers are also soft so they won’t scratch your patio furniture and they have a spring-loaded clip that will remain tight and not come off when the wind blows. They are also easy to clean, stain resistant and are less likely to rot or fall apart with age. These types cost more than some of the others, but normally last longer. They usually are found in a beige color.

Gardelle-made Patio Furniture Covers

Veranda Patio covers are made of an extremely heavy duty material called Gardelle that is designed to protect your furniture from wind, water, and dirt. The covers have special click-shut holding strips to fasten onto the legs of the furniture so they don’t come off in the wind. The bottoms of the covers have adjustable elastic cords to tie them onto the bottoms of your furniture. Both these items make them especially resistant to wind. There are also special air vents in the material so it won’t blow up with air and come off in bad weather. It also has handles on the front and back so the heavy material can be easily moved from place to place. Best of all, this product comes with a 3-year warranty.

Rainitite-made Furniture Covers

Another kind of furniture cover is made of a material called Rainitite, which is designed to repel water and soil. It has elastic loops to tie onto the legs of your furniture, is crack-resistant, and has a 1-year guarantee. It also has elastic cords at the bottom to tie it onto the bottom of the furniture. This gives it a tight fit to keep out the wind and rain.

All in all which patio furniture cover you choose may depend on both your budget and the harshness of the winters in your area.