Best Placement for Outdoor Spiral Staircases Best Placement for Outdoor Spiral Staircases

There are many homes that make use of the elegance of outdoor spiral staircases for access to a deck or into the home itself. When it comes to having staircases on the exterior of your home, there are plenty of different choices that homeowners can choose from. They can build a staircase from a pre-fabricated kit, or they can build one themselves with wood or metal. A great looking outdoor spiral staircase will not only create some great curb appeal for your home but also add value for future resale. 

Placement Solutions for Outdoor Spiral Staircases

When you are thinking about the actual placement for an outdoor spiral staircase, you are going to want to take some time to plan for the best option. In some homes, there can be multiple placement solutions. However, in a lot of homes, there can only be one or two possible locations. Planning out the placement will help you make the best decision. Draw a map of your home with some graph paper to get you started.

Check for Natural Slopes and Entrances

In some cases, planning the best placement for outdoor spiral staircases is as simple as looking at what is available to you. If you have an upper level deck, a split level home, or a retaining wall where there is a lower basement entrance, an outdoor spiral staircase will go great in these areas. You do not have to do any more planning. The natural slope, or the natural entrance to your home, will determine the positioning.

Look Out for Electrical Wiring

Placing an outdoor spiral staircase on the side of your home will mean that you need to look out for any electrical wiring going into or out of your home. You can potentially move the electrical wiring if there is no other place on your property for integrating the spiral staircase for the best placement. However, this would be quite costly. Mark the electrical wiring of your home onto your plan for later evaluation.

Wet, Sloping Areas

Placing outdoor spiral staircases onto a wet, sloping area of your landscape would not be a good idea. After several rain storms, the land will erode, causing problems with the stability of the staircase. Unless you plan to place the staircase on deep cement piers, you will want to mark these areas on your plan as a place to stay away from.

Near Garages or Driveways

Another poor placement idea for an outdoor spiral staircase is near your garage or close to the driveway. While there are times when there is an upper deck close to this area, placing any type of staircase here can result in an accident.

On Side of Home

With the locations marked on your plan, you can then begin to find positions where an outdoor spiral staircase will work in nicely with the surrounding landscape and home decor. For the most part, you will find that the side of the home will be the best placement solution for keeping the staircase out of the way, away from wiring, and in a flat, stable area. Make sure not to choose a place where there are windows or other outdoor obstructions. 

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