Best Places to Add Decorative Window Film

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Regardless of whether it is winter, spring, or fall a decorative window film can come in all shapes and sizes for any time of year and any holiday imaginable. The great thing about decorative window film (or window cling as they are commonly referred to) is they accentuate the exterior of the home, do not harm any surface you put them on and they are inexpensive as they can even be bought at discount and dollar discount stores all year round.

Different Kinds of Decorative Window Film

Homeowners enjoy hanging window film or clings for many reasons. Usually they simply just want to decorate for the holidays like Christmas, Easter and the Fourth of July but some decorative window film has different capabilities. Solar window tinting is one such type of window film that has a dual purpose as it reduces the amount of light let into your home. Insulating window film is another kind of decorative window film that reduces your heating bills by reflecting light away from your home. Truly decorative clings have no special properties other than to beautify the home for many seasons to come. Whichever style of decorative window film you choose you still have to decide the best places to put them.

Placing Helpful Window Clings

Unlike their holiday counterparts, window clings that diffuse light reduce your heating and air conditioner bills and add privacy to the home, are not inexpensive. You may not be able to afford to cover every single window in the house and, if that is the case, you need to choose which windows are more in need of the window film.

If your home is on a circular drive, for instance, and the back of your house is facing a wooded area, then placing clings in the back would be a waste of time and money. The primary area in which to install these types of window clings would be in large bay windows where light is constantly streaming through. If, however, privacy is your goal then the front of the house and bedrooms would be good choices for placing window clings. Privacy clings come in two kinds: tinted (which resembles car tint) and frosted.

Purely Decorative Window Film Placement

Decorative clings can be purchased at a dollar discount store. You can create a jolly Christmas scene with Santa and Mrs. Clause, make a spooky scene for Halloween using the Headless Horseman and ghosts or show a loved one they are about to be welcomed to a birthday party. These clings are suitable for any window in the home but the best place to put them is in the front windows. This location allows people passing by an opportunity to see and admire the clings. If you have children, they may enjoy having their own window clings to play with to use their imaginations to create special scenes or designs on their windows.