Best Places to Buy Cheap Artificial Flowers Best Places to Buy Cheap Artificial Flowers

There are many sources for cheap artificial flowers including both retail and wholesale sales.

Artificial flowers are in different qualities, and quality has a huge affect on price. You should consider what you are planning to do with the flowers you purchase and consider the quality you would want for that project. The higher quality flowers usually are also higher priced, but they are more lifelike and will hold their color and shape longer.

Budget Artificial Flowers

Less expensive flowers are available as inexpensively as a dollar a bunch at places like Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Everythings a Dollar and like stores. Most every town has one or more of these stores. WalMart carries a selection of artificial flowers also, plus other floral supplies such as foam, wreath bases, stem tape and florist wires. Generally speaking, the flowers from these sources are of a lower quality also and may not look as lifelike as flowers purchased from some of these other sources. You can also generally find discount flowers at local flea markets and tag sales. Many times you can pick up a ready made arrangement from these weekend sellers at a very modest price.

Watch For Sales

If you want a large selection of artificial flowers in various grades and colors, the suggestion would be hobby and craft stores such as Michaels, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn fabric and craft stores. Their flowers are more lifelike and they have a huge variety. Michaels and Hobby Lobby have huge floral departments with multiple color variations and styles. Some of these stores also feature tropical varieties and special sections for wedding designs. Another plus for these stores is they usually have a salesperson who is skilled in floral design to guide you with your purchase. Some stores also offer the service where they will make bows or arrangements for free or a small fee if you purchase supplies from them.

Wholesale Suppliers

If you live in a large metropolitan area you most likely will have floral wholesale suppliers. These will be listed in the Yellow Pages phone directory. Call first to see if you can buy from them or if a retail merchant certificate is needed. These stores are huge and carry everything that professional florists and floral designers use at a wholesale price and can be purchased in huge lots. You may be required to make a minimum purchase also to receive the discount.

Floral Supply Syndicate is a good mail order source for cheap artificial flowers by mail. They have a beautiful catalog that is printed yearly and a website. They are primarily a wholesale source so you will need to meet their requirements to obtain a catalog. This is as simple as getting a local tax license or retail merchant certificate.

Always check your local Yellow Pages for sources under Flowers or Florists for other sources. You will find that purchasing artificial flowers from a florist may be rather expensive however.

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