Best Soil for Growing Ivy to Cover Your Fence

Growing ivy can be an appealing addition to your homes fences. All you need is to know how to grow it, and what to stay away from, and you can have fence growing ivy in no time. Although, the type of ivy you are planting can grow in all types of soil, there are things that you will want to make sure you look for. Read the information below, and explore some tips on the best type of soil to use.

pH Balance

You will want to look for a soil with the right kind of pH balance. For English ivy; which is the ivy you are most likely to use to crawl up your fence, you will want to look for a soil that states it has a ph balance of about 7.2.


Ivy does very well when its soil is mixed with organic additions. You can use an organic compost, or simply purchase an organic fertilizer to mix in with the soil.

Less Is More

Having a soil that drains very easily is the way to go when growing ivy. Ivy has a way of creating a fungus that grows if its soil stays quite moist for awhile. Look for a soil that states that it is well aerated.