Best Speaker Quality: Paper Cone Tweeters vs. Mylar Dome Tweeters

The best car speaker for you is a matter of personal preference, as all types of tweeters have something unique to offer. A tweeter is basically a loudspeaker designed to hit higher sound frequencies from 2000 Hz to 20,000 Hz, which is considered beyond the range of human hearing. As you see in car makeover shows on television, upgrading your ride can be as simple as a paint job and a new sound system. The term tweeter comes from a comparison of the high pitch sounds from a bird, as a woofer is compared to the low rumble sounds from a dog. Read on to learn about two common types of tweeters and how they are used.

The Most Common Negatives of Paper Tweeter Types

When on the search for the best car speaker, you will see that there are many types, designs and models available in this day and age, and at the bottom of the pile in cost is speakers made from paper. This has been the way that we have been transferring sound into our environments in the home and in our vehicles since nearly the beginning. The problem with this, is that they are more susceptible to water damage when exposed to the environment, and when pushing too much amperage, they can rip or pop like a balloon. This will cause the speaker to tare or rip, resulting in having to repair or replace the speaker in order to get it functioning normally again without sound corruption.

The Negatives of Mylar Tweeters 

The Mylar tweeter though of a modern design to handle nearly every application of sound output, can also be questioned in many other ways. When looking for the best car speaker, the Mylar ones have a lot to offer as a replacement for the old paper ones of yesterday. The concerns of ripping the cone in these are not there, however because of this, they invoke another potential danger, which is potentially burning out your amplifier or stereo. Because these units run on an electrical coil, and can take more amperage than the standard paper tweeters, the odds of burning out your stereo or amplifier channels is high.

The Bonuses of Paper Tweeter Types

You may feel that the best car speaker, gives the highest quality of crisp clear sound. This is believed to come from the paper models of tweeter, as the design is significantly different. Many believe that the paper ones give the clearest outputs as they don't have all the added hardware that you'll find in the Mylar domes. They are also less expensive in comparison to plastic mold injected Mylar tweeters, as there is less machinery involved in manufacturing them.

The Upside of Mylar Tweeter Models

For a modern edge the best car speaker could be the high tech Mylar tweeter, as it generally has more ability for a wider variance of sound modifications and channel handling. Unlike paper cones, the Mylar has a higher rate of durability, as the cone is made of a plastic poly material, which does not rip or tare easily, under abnormal frequency changes.