Best Spray-On Paint to Use when Car Painting

When painting your car, use a product that will give you good and lasting results. Though there are a few types of spray-on paint, the most versatile are water-based paints that are non-toxic.

Useable on More than One Surface

The first benefit of non-toxic water based paints is that they can be sprayed on metal, plastic and other materials and will keep the same (or close to same) color. This will making painting your vehicle easier if it is made from more than one type of metal. 

Easy to Initially Clean Off

If you make a mistake while initially painting your vehicle, you can correct it right away before it dries. This is important because you will not have to worry about replacing parts that you have accidentally sprayed and can just focus on painting.

Easy to Add Flare

Because of its versatility, water-based paints are used to create graphics and designs on vehicles. Though you will need other tools as well to accomplish this, the paint will layer smoothly without causing any problems.

Once you are done painting your vehicle, you will need to spray it again with a clear enamel to make sure that the paint stays on. You should be able to purchase both of these products at your local car parts store.