Best Strainer Drain for the Outdoors

A strainer drain is simply a device used to allow liquid to pass though while keeping solid objects from doing so as these may clog the drain system. These devices can be installed outside on the lawn, the gardens, near downspouts, or on driveways and walkways. A strainer drain also ensures that water does not flood any area outside the home. Read on for more information regarding the best strainer drain to use outdoors.

Flat, Domed, and Drop-in Strainers

Strainer drains come in many different shapes and sizes. Flat strainers keeps solid object from passing through, but may be easily clogged when a lot of solid objects cover its holes. This type of strainer can be used in areas near downspouts and lawns. Domed strainers provide a better option in gardens. In addition, they look more ornamental than flat and drop-in strainers. Drop-in strainers are designed to provide a deep hole where solid materials are caught. Drop-in strainers allow users to easily clean solid debris because it traps them inside the hole. This may cause a problem though because the hole may be filled with too much debris that can clog the strainer. Therefore, it requires the user to constantly remove the trapped materials before it is totally clogged.

Metal Strainer Drains

When installing strainer drains outdoors, remember that it will be exposed to external elements that may cause damage to it. With that in mind, choose those that are made of metal because they provide durability and strength. Metal strainers are stronger and sturdier than plastic and are best suited for external use. The strainer can be made of brass, steel, aluminum or iron.

Brass, iron and stainless steel strainers are more expensive, but they do provide superior quality than other type of strainers. These materials last for many years and may even outlast the buyer. Plastic may be a cheaper option but it does not ensure durability and quality. Instead of plastic, a cheaper yet more durable alternative would be aluminum strainers.

Drain Grates

Drain grates also act as strainers for outside use because they do not allow large solid materials to pass through. Drain grates come in different forms for different purposes. These strainers are great for larger areas that require straining, such as walkways, driveways, and other areas that are usually flooded.

Channel drain grates can be installed on walkways and driveways. Since driveways and walkways require longer drainage systems, these areas can be installed with linear or curved drain grates. During the installation, a slightly sloping surface is to be provided to allow gravity to pull the water straight down the drain.

Drain grates are usually made out of cast iron, stainless steel or aluminum. The best yet, most expensive type is cast iron. Cast iron is a very sturdy material that cannot be easily destroyed by sheer heavy weight and common external factors such as rain, heat, and freezing snow. A cheaper alternative to steel and cast iron is aluminum.