Best Trees for Building Tree Houses

Tree houses are a great feature to make your home and yard appear as unique as possible. They can also be fun and exciting places for your children to play. However, one of the main things that you should think about before you build a tree house in your yard is safety. A good tree house should be sturdily built and appropriately safe for anyone who might enter it. In order to ensure that your tree house is as secure as possible, you should plan to build it in the best possible tree that you have; if you don't have a suitable tree on your property, building a tree house might not be the best option for you.

Varieties of Tree

Some of the best types of trees to consider when planning to build a tree house are oaks and maples. Both of these trees tend to be very sturdy and thick. They can usually support the weight of a tree house, provided that you select a tree that is fully grown and healthy for your building project. These varieties also have the advantage of having thick trunks, which allow for better support and make the construction process easier than trees with thinner trunks.

Coniferous Trees

Aside from oaks and maples, coniferous trees are a great choice as well for trees to use as the base for your tree house. This is because deciduous trees will lose their leaves throughout the year and will leave your tree house exposed to the elements. This makes it more susceptible to damage from weather and other exposure.

Healthy Trees

Another important criterion that you should consider when selecting a tree to use for your tree house is that the tree must be healthy. Test your tree to be sure that the trunk portion that you're planning to use is alive and healthy. If it's not, you may put the tree house at risk of falling or becoming damaged. Unhealthy or partially dead trees are not nearly as strong and supportive as healthy ones are.

Shape of the Tree

The shape of the tree is also a very important factor. A tree that has a straight trunk may not be the best option for your tree house; one with slight curvatures in the trunk and large limbs may be easier to use as the basis of your tree house instead.

Location of the Tree

Finally, the location of the tree in your yard is a factor that you should consider as well. Allowing the tree house to be easily accessed from another area is important, and you will want to avoid building your tree house over the road or any other area that is potentially dangerous for children who are playing in or around the tree house.

All of the materials that you'll need for this project are available at carpentry and home and garden stores.