Best Type of Drill Bit for Porcelain Tile

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What You'll Need
Diamond drill bit
Glass drill bit

Using a hammer drill in a porcelain nail tile will break the hard yet brittle porcelain. These tiles are versatile, as they are used as floor and wall tiles. Often the tile has to be drilled to install towel racks or perform a plumbing job. Whatever the reason, drill bits are excellent tools for executing this sensitive masonry job.

Diamond Drill Bits

The tip of this drill bit is impregnated with diamonds; it cuts through the porcelain tiles quickly and efficiently. This circular bit is used in every rotary and percussion drilling machine, stays sharp for longer, and uses water to lubricate and cool the surface. The size of this bit ranges from 6-mm to 130-mm. It is the most expensive drill bit of its kind.

Glass Drill Bit

The glass drill has a thin, chiseled edge on a carbide tip. It is actively employed in rotary and percussion drilling machines. To maintain its functionality, it must be stroppedregularly. The drill is used at low speeds on porcelain nail tile. It can use water, paraffin, vinegar, or even turpentine oil as a lubricant.