Choosing a Drill Bit for Ceramic Tile

A yellow drill.

A tile bit is a special drill bit used to drill into ceramic tile. Using the wrong drill bit in ceramic tile can cause the drill to smoke. One must use a slow speed along with the correct drill bit; otherwise, the tile may shatter. When drilling ceramic tile, you never want to drill at a high speed. Use one of the following bits when drilling into ceramic tile.

Carbide Drill Bit

Carbide drill bits puncture the tile using a cone-shaped hole. They are best when used with a variable speed trigger. The carbide drill bits are to be used with less pressure. Applying too much pressure on the ceramic tile can cause it to shatter.

Diamond Drill Bit

Diamond drill bits are special bits that have a diamond tip. They have to be kept cool with cutting oil. To use these tips, you must drill slowly to reduce heat buildup. The drill cuts using a cone-shaped hole. Large holes can be made using a larger diamond drill bit. A pilot bit is used to start the larger hole.