Best Type of Fuel to Burn on Multi Level Stoves

We live in an era where it is believed that the maximum amount of Earth’s non-renewable sources of energy is being used by human beings. As a result, the price of these fuels is constantly on the rise. Scientists and researchers have come up with different types of appliances to conserve energy. The latest addition to this range is a multi fuel stove. In a multi level fuel stove, different kinds of oils are used to gain maximum result with minimum investment. Many types of fuel can be used in these stoves. Each of them has their advantages and disadvantages depending on their properties.

Coal and Wood

These are the most common type of fuel which is used in a multi level fuel stove. They are expensive and tend to leave residue which does not make them a good choice as fuel


Gasoline is a very good alternative. It provides a clean source of energy. It is derived from a renewable resource which makes it a cheap and pollution free energy alternative for multi level fuel stoves.

Petrol and Kerosene

Petrol and Kerosene are among the most widely used and available sources of energy. They are cost effective and produces high amount of heat. On the down side, they are highly combustible in nature and the risk of accidents greatly increases when they are used.

If you are planning to use your stove indoors, sticking to safe sources of energy such as gasoline or electricity is a good option. For outdoor adventures you can use petrol or kerosene because they are easy to carry as well as being cheap. Thus, the best type of fuel for multi level stoves depends on the location of the stove, the purpose it is going to serve, and the environment surrounding it.