Best Type of Pet Bird Food to Improve Feathers

Feeding your pet bird properly to keep its feathers colorful and healthy is an important part of bird care. Birds can represent a sizable investment both in money, time and personal attachment. You'll want your bird to be healthy and well groomed.

Proper Nutrition: Buying Good Quality Food

Most bird seeds that are purchased retail from pet and bird specialty stores contain the nutrients birds need to keep their feathers healthy and shiny. Pet supply stores have more of an investment in keeping their products fresh and parasite free than discount stores. Bird seed that is contaminated with bug larvae can make your bird sick, causing it to loose its feathers and in extreme cases, death. Always examine the food for signs of insects or insect larvae before you feed it to your pet bird. Many bird seeds for all types of birds are actually sterilized, then sealed in containers before they are shipped to the local pet store. These are good to purchase as you will be safe with them.

Your Bird Knows Best

In the wild, birds hunt for food just like other animals do. They will look for colorful berries, bugs and worms. They like things they can peck at, tear with their beaks and play around with a bit. Think about this when feeding your pet bird, especially the larger birds. Sometimes caged birds will stop eating or eat sparsely just because they are bored with their diet. If you see this happening its time to vary the diet. Pieces of fresh fruit suitable for your bird will be a special treat and appreciated. This fruit will contain the vitamins needed to keep the feathers healthy and lush on your bird.

Vitamins, Minerals and Fat

Omega fatty acids helps increase immune function, which helps birds fight diseases. Many berries contain Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Balanced omega 3 & 6 also helps improve the quality of the skin and feathers and provides good nutrition for your feathered companion. Products such as Lafebers Nutri Berries is available at good pet stores and at online pet supply stores if you don't want to buy fresh berries for your birds.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is very important for beautiful, healthy feathers and will improve feather quality, color and shine. If you feed your bird pelleted food, the only way you should increase vitamin A intake is through feeding carrots or sweet potatoes. Do not feed vitamin A powder as an over abundance can actually kill your bird. Don't feed your bird too much of any one fruit or vegetable. Pellets are a wonderful way to make sure that your bird is getting the basics. The best pellets are ones that your bird will eat readily, contain no artificial colors, flavors or ingredients and come in sealed containers. If your food meets this criteria, most likely it will be good for your bird. Still give a piece of carrot or sweet potato occasionally for variety and for the bird to play with and peck at.