Best Types of Dahlia Flowers for Cutting Best Types of Dahlia Flowers for Cutting

Among the many varieties of flowers grown in household gardens, dahlia flowers are often the most-favored option. Dahlias are regarded as the ideal garden flower since they bloom early, need minimal care and sustain their vigor for extended periods. Unlike most flowering plants, they aren't sensitive to temperature changes and can bloom under less favorable conditions too.

Dahlias As Cut Flowers

Many dahlia varieties are called cut flowers. A "cut flower" refers to flower types that can survive with their natural appearance after being sliced from the plant. Ideally, cut flowers should be able to retain their fragrance and petal spread for hours after being cut. Other attributes include a basal system of branching that allows longer stems, making it easy to cut the flowering stems and smaller side shoots. Most cut flowers are 4 to 6 inches wide and have appreciable vase life. In this regard, many dahlia flowers like the deepest yellow dahlia with its open, bright-yellow flowers are the perfect cut flowers.

Cut Flower Dahlia Varieties

Not all types of dahlias are cut flowers, though most of them have the basic features to qualify as one. Dahlia varieties that are more suited for cutting include the Karma varieties like the karma sangria dahlias and others like:

  • Karma Lagoon
  • Karma Bon Bini
  • Karma Amanda

Two Cut Flower Dahlias that can be easily grown in household gardens are:

1. Ferncliff Copper Dahlias

  • Height — 2 to 6 feet
  • Flowers are durable and can easily survive in a container of water for a few days.
  • Most Ferncliffs have bright-to-dull, orange-colored flowers.
  • They bloom during the early summer and sometimes in the fall.
  • Ideal soil pH range — 4.5 to 8  
  • Ideal soil type — loamy or slightly clay-rich 

2. Arabian Night Dahlias

  • One of the most commonly-gifted dahlias.
  • Need a bit more time to mature than most garden dahlias.
  • Flowers can sustain their appearance for long periods after being cut.
  • Mature dahlias of this type will often climb up to 40 inches.
  • Ideal soil type — adaptable to most soils, but not highly-acidic soil beds.
  • Flower shade is a unique dark-maroon hue.

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