Best Types of Fence Plant for Cold Climates

A fence plant can create a great focal point for any yard. It can also help to hide unsightly fences and give a more organic feel to the landscape. Living in a colder climate doesn't mean you can't enjoy these plants. You may have to look a little harder to find the hardiest plants for your environment, but it can be done.

Climbing Roses

Roses are typically not recommended for colder climates. However, there are several varieties of climbing roses that are hardy enough to survive in these areas. You will need to take care and tie them properly to the fence and support the root system, but a climbing rose can look great on a fence.

Boston Ivy

Ivy needs special attention to ensure it doesn't overtake a landscape, but when used properly it can look fantastic on a fence. Boston ivy is especially hardy and can survive colder conditions. This type of ivy will also change colors throughout the year, creating an ever-changing focal point.

Star Jasmine

Star jasmine is most commonly seen in the southern part of the US, but it can survive relatively cold winter temperatures. The white blooms give off a scent that is very similar to actual jasmine, and it climbs and clings, making it a good choice for fences.