Best Types of Fence Plant for Dry Climates Best Types of Fence Plant for Dry Climates

Having a fence plant is a great natural feature to add to your home as long as you pick the right plant for the job. Below you will learn information on two plants that do very well in dry climates.

Cat's Claw

A cat's claw is a vine that grows amazingly fast. It's ability to grow at rapid speeds is dependent on a very hot and sunny climate. Little to no water is required, which makes it a great vine to have even during a summer without a lot of rain. Cat's claws are self-attaching, so this is a vine that doesn't need a lot of attention. With its ability to grow during droughts, and the little maintenance it needs, it makes for a great plant.


Not only are bougainvilleas beautiful vine plants, but they are another plant that needs little attention. As long as it is in a place where the sun shines bright, and the winters are warm, this plant is good to go. Bougainvilleas are vines that appear like shrubs. They bloom their bright colors even in low water conditions. They hate the shade, but love to be in a dry climate. If you live in a dry climate, and are looking for some beautiful vines to drape your fence, the two above are great choices.

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