Best Types of Inserts for Wood Pellet Stoves Best Types of Inserts for Wood Pellet Stoves

Wood pellet stoves provide the highest heating capacity compared to any other type of heating devices. Because the device uses compressed wood as fuel, it is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. It can be used to lower your fuel needs during cold months and does not require a lot of expensive maintenance. Here are some of the best types of inserts for the device:

According to Color:

1. Black

Black inserts can match many interior background colors or themes. It is also very easy to clean and maintain because if it gets dirty, it does not easily become apparent. Black inserts also fit the fireplace because fireplaces are usually associated with this color.

2. Gold

The golden color provides a luxurious effect on the fireplace. This is also best for decorations that are associated with the golden color – i.e. yellow, orange or beige. The color can either be dull or shiny depending on the homeowner’s preference.

3. Nickel

Nickel-colored inserts brings an antique mood to the room. It is also best for fireplaces that look old or worn out. If a golden color is matched with an antique look, the interior design may not look as good.

According to Style and Design

1. Standard Square

The standard square design includes a certain part of the device protruding out of the fireplace opening. This design is common among fireplace inserts. The protruding part of the device makes it more noticeable to visitors. Users can choose from many different designs that can best match the interior decoration. The metal part of the insert can be colored black, gold, or nickel. Some designs offer a combination of the colors. The protruding part will also include the glass cover.

2. Bay Window Design

The bay window design includes a curved front protruding from the fireplace opening. This design is a fantastic alternative to the very common standard square design. The curve itself is an extraordinary part of the design because it deviates from many fireplace insert styles that are too dull to look at. After installation, the fireplace will look like it has its own window. The size of the curve can be customized, especially if the insert is custom made and not ready-made when purchased.

3. Fit Flush Design

For people who want to conserve space around the fireplace, a fit flush design is a good choice. The device will not have any of its parts protruding from the fireplace opening. Everything will be flush with the wall or the fireplace. However, this may not be the best option if the space inside the fireplace is small. Therefore, measure the space inside the fireplace correctly before purchasing any of the inserts available in the market.

When choosing a design, always consider the interior theme or style of the home. During the installation of the device, ask help from a professional because the task may not be a very good job for a do-it-yourselfer. However, it can also be a good project for people with some experience or background knowledge regarding installation.

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