Best Types of Sand to Fill an Aerated Backyard Putting Green

A number of aspects must be considered in the process of creating a backyard putting green, not least the turf and subsoil. To ensure that an aerated green remains that way, it is worthwhile knowing which is the best type of sand to use.


Most varieties of backyard putting green will benefit from any type of coarse sand. This is due to the fact that the larger particles will allow air to pass through more easily and is less likely to collapse into itself when aeration work is being undertaken.


Much of the sand that can be found on the shores around the world are formed by eroded limestone, making this type of sand the most readily available.  


A backyard putting green that makes use of silica will last for a significant period due to the hardness of the particles. It is a hardy substance that can stand up to adverse weather conditions. In addition, you will find that this type of sand is common and readily available from a variety of sources.


A mixture of sand and peat will make a good soil for a backyard putting green as the different components provide different benefits. Coarse sand can provide soft soil with additional stability and can make it easier to maintain the green.