Best Way to Remove Wallpaper Fast

What You'll Need
Broad knife or paint scraper
Drop cloth
Painter's tape
Garden sprayer
Wallpaper removing solution

Since removing wallpaper can be very time consuming and frustrating, many people want to know what is the best way to remove wallpaper as quickly as possible. Here are some time saving steps to quick and thorough wallpaper removal.

Step 1 - Prepare

Cover the floor with a drop cloth and remove all outlet covers in the room, taping them with painter’s tape to avoid any moisture seeping inside. Then, fill your garden sprayer with wallpaper remover solution. A spray bottle will work fine, but a garden sprayer can cover a larger area and complete the task in less time.

Step 2 – Spray

Begin to spray the wallpaper removing solution in one section of the room, working your way around the room methodically so you do not miss any areas. Apply the wallpaper remover liberally, soaking the paper thoroughly. This will ensure that the adhesive behind the paper is loosened.

Step 3 - Scrape

Once you have finished spraying the entire room, return to the place you started, and begin scraping the wallpaper off with a broad knife or paint scraper. If the paper has adequately soaked, it should come off easily.