Best Ways to Clean a Dog Crate

Your dog crate should always be kept clean so that your pet can be comfortable and safe. Follow the instructions below in cleaning your dog kennel and you will find that cleaning the dog house need not be such a grueling task.

Ammonia-Free Cleaners

    When sanitizing a dog crate, use a cleaning solution that does not contain ammonia. Dog urine consists of ammonia, so the scent of an ammonia-based cleaner can confuse a puppy or older dog as it may think it is okay to urinate inside the kennel.


    Wear rubber gloves when cleaning to protect your skin from the effects of harsh cleaners. Gloves will also prevent you from directly handling any dog waste.

    Clean All Components

    Make sure to remove all plastic trays and spray with disinfectant. This will eliminate traces and odors of urine. Also use a sponge to wipe all plastic and metal grates.

    If the kennel is plastic or metal, use your garden hose to spray the interior as well as the outside. The spray nozzle will enable you to remove debris and dirt.

    Wood Crates

    Avoid using water on wooden crates or cleaners that may infiltrate the wood. Use a damp rag or a vacuum to clean the interior and exterior. You can also sweep the crate.

    Leave the clean kennel to air out well and completely dry before using again.