Best Ways to Water a Blue Rose Bush Best Ways to Water a Blue Rose Bush

The only true blue rose bush with a naturally blue flower is the Blue Girl rose. This flower is a hybrid tea rose. In reality it has a part silver, part lilac tint that eventually becomes a grayish blue color. They flowers actually a silver, lilac-lavender color, yet it does turn gray-blue in color. They have a delightful scent and have close to forty petals when they are in full bloom. The Blue Girl rose blooms repeatedly in the middle of the spring season and can grow in height to four feet.  By planting this rose bush properly, the watering process will be easier and more beneficial.

Planting the Rose Bush

The Blue Girl rose bush should be planted at least ½ inch under the soil. The roots should be spread out, without be bent, before they are covered with soil 

Watering the Bush

The soil around the Blue Girl rose bush should be compacted around the roots. Put a layer of mulch at the base of the bush to help retain moisture, regulate the temperature and prevent weed growth. Once the bush has been planted, use a garden hose to water it well. This will remove pockets of air in the soil and provide water to the root system.

Continue watering the rose bush every week. Cover the soil around the bush with one inch of water, unless it is very rainy. Be sure to water the soil around the rose bush, rather than the plant itself. Wet leaves can promote fungus growth on your rose bush. Your bush will also need about one half cup of fertilizer before it blooms in the spring and again in the middle of the summer.



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