Best Wood Choices for Home Office Desks

Garage converted into a home office with furniture.

Your home office desk should be sturdy enough to withstand the weight from your desk lamp, papers, computer, and all the equipment that goes with it. It should also be a design you find attractive and complement the rest of your office.

Oak Wood

Solid oak is among the most common wood species used for furniture. It is sturdy and durable and can be finished in a wide variety of colors and looks. Solid oak can be a bit pricey, but with proper care and maintenance, the furniture is sure to last a lifetime.

Cherry Wood

Cherry wood furniture will add a dramatic look to any office. It’s also sturdy, but your choices with finishes are somewhat limited due to the darker nature of the wood. Cherry wood tends to be extremely expensive compared to other types. Maintaining cherry wood can be difficult as it is prone to showing wear and scratches.

Maple Wood

Maple wood is a popular choice for desks because it is one of the least expensive woods on the market. Maple is available in a variety of finishes, but the woods tend to be a lighter color. As long as your desk doesn’t sustain heavy abuse, the maple wood should hold up for a long time. In contrast to cherry and oak, maple is a softwood and will show wear more easily.