Best Woods for Reclaimed Wood Hot Tubs Best Woods for Reclaimed Wood Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are a relaxing amenity but they can be expensive to buy and install. Fortunately, hot tubs are not hard to build. You essentially require all of the internal components found in hot tubs and then a shell. Once you buy the internal components you'll have to think about the shell and using reclaimed wood not only produces the best looking hot tubs but helps to prevent forestry. The article below will go over some of the best kinds of wood for making shells for hot tubs.

Red Cedar

This wood is commercially available which makes it relatively easy to find in order to reclaim and recycle it. Western red cedar is a soft wood and is the largest of the cedar family as well as the most abundant. Red cedars are grown in forests that are managed and watched over by the forestry department. British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest of the United States is where the red cedar will often be found. This wood is great for hot tubs as it is resistant to checking, warping and twisting. It is also naturally waterproof. The interior of the wood possesses a soft texture and the color of the wood varies giving you options from reddish-brown to light straw. The cellular structure of the red cedar also provides great thermal insulation which is another boon to use it in hot tubs.

Yellow Cedar

Only found on the Pacific Coast Range, yellow cedar possesses a yellowish color reminiscent of sulfur with a slight opaqueness. Yellow cedar has a straight grain and the initial smell of the wood once cut is that of a raw potato. You will find this tree between Alaska and Southern Oregon. It is a softwood that is very dense. It is a little known wood but is the hardest cedar in the world. This makes it perfect for hot tubs as it is incredibly beautiful and durable. It withstands decay, insects and water. It is harder to find to reclaim it but doing so will provide a fine looking hot tub.


This is one of the scarcest woods to find and also a hard one to harvest as well as transport. This, of course, makes it very valuable. Teak is often used to build yachts because it withstands decay and it waterproof. You will also find it used in millwork, window trim and decking. Pretty much anything that has to be outside or submerged in water can be made out of teak. These are all things you can look for to recycle. The wood is heavy, strong, hard and oily to the touch. Insects do not like it and neither does fungus or mildew and it is also impenetrable to termites. Once teak is cut it looks green but changes color and can be found in olive, light brown, dark brown and dark golden yellow. Team is found in several Asian countries including India, Thailand and Vietnam. Hot tubs made from teak are prized possessions that will stand the test of time.

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