Beta Fish in Glass Bowls: The Perfect Decorating Trick for Your Bathroom

Decorating with beta fish may not be typical idea, but for small bathroom spaces, it can be the perfect decorating trick. Beta fish are generally kept in single containers and require a certain habitat to thrive safely and happily. The good news is that this particular habitat is perfect for decorating. Glass bowls are a great habitat for beta fish and with the many sizes, colors, and styles of bowls available, there is a world of decorating options open to you. In fact many of the decorating options can be changed seasonally or for a particular design style.

Living Spaces

Considering the living environment of the beta fish is the most important step to decorating with the fish and their bowl environments. Beta fish do not need large living spaces. They live alone and they are accustom to shallow living environments, such as rice patties. Aeration is also not a requirement because these fish can actually breath in air and in water. Gravel stones and plants are the ideal decorations for a beta fish environment. Using real plants that have a tropical look and feel can also add to the look of a room. The plants provide the fish a great environment and many nutrients. In fact, one of the best living habitats for a beta is the simplest one available. Once you have decided on the environmental surroundings, it is time to move onto the decorating.

Adding Color and Imagery

There are a few ways that you can choose to decorate your bathroom with beta fish and glass bowls. One of the easiest and simplest ways will add color and give a unique look to any bathroom wall. Use a small shelving unit and four to six small clear glass bowls. Place colored gravel that matches the bathroom decor and a beta fish in each bowl. Instead of a picture, you will have a live action piece of art to view and a real conversation starter. Another option can be used with windows that are located in showers and tub areas. Many bathrooms offer this feature and the windowsill usually goes to waste. If the window is high enough and out of the direct line of the shower, use it in the same way as the wall shelves. Create an interesting environment for the fish and for decorating.

Plants and Fish

A final trick to decorating your bathroom with beta fish in glass bowls is to use the plant and gravel habitat. This is a simple habitat that can give your bathroom a full and lush environment. Simply use a large glass bowl or face. Place gravel in the bottom of the container, fill with water, and place the beta fish inside of the container. Instead of leaving the top of the container open you can place a tropical style plant or simple green plant in the open area. The plant will thrive in the water, offer nutrients to the fish, and provide a fully functional living and decorating environment for the bathroom.