Bifold Closet Doors Installation Pt. 2: Track and Floor Bracket

The second major step in building bifold closet doors is to attach the track and floor brackets to the doorframe. Before you begin work, make sure that the area is clean and that there is no dirt on the floor. Even with a small layer of dirt or dust, the tracking could be installed too high and your door will not work.

Step 1: Install the Metal Tracks

Attach tracks to the top of the doorframe by screwing them in. Make sure that you measure the distance correctly from the edge to where the edge of your door will be. The edge closest to the frame will still move as you open and close the door, and it is important to make sure it will still have enough room.

Make sure that the side with the adjustable plate is nearest to the side of the doorframe.

If there are floor tracks as well, make sure they are even with the top tracks so that they will work together without any problems.

Step 2: Attach the Brackets

Once the tracks are installed, you will need to attach the L-shaped brackets to the floor against the side of the doorframe and the floor. This is usually only done if there are not floor tracks.

It is important to make sure that you secure the tracks and brackets tightly so that your bifold door will not fall out of it when you open it in the future.