Bi-Fold Door Installation Instructions

Bifold door installation is something that is easy to do. Homeowners who are looking to put bifold doors in their home can install these doors themselves. There are not a lot of difficult steps involved, and the doors are functional and practical. Below are the instructions to ensure proper installation.

  1. Remove your existing doors and take very accurate measurements of the opening where you will be installing bifold doors. An accurate measurement will prevent modifications from having to be done, or prevent you from having to go back and purchase different doors that fit properly.
  2. Go to your local hardware or home improvement store and purchase your bifold doors. Doors should be one half inch shorter than the opening and one inch less than the width of the opening.
  3. Install the track at the top of the closet opening. This gives you a place to attach the door, and also gives the door the ability to move smoothly within the frame.
  4. Attach the track with the screws that are included in your bifold door installation kit.
  5. Install the floor brackets that are included with your hardware installation. These will be attached to the door frame on one of the sides.
  6. Put dowels into the holes in the doors. There will be a dowel that has a screw in it, which allows for height adjustment.
  7. Attach the doors to the track and the floor rails. Attach the top of the door first, and then guide the bottom into the floor brackets.
  8. Attach knobs, and you have successfully completed your bifold door installation.