Bicycling - Bicycle Repair

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Many people enjoy biking for exercise and fun. There comes a time in every bike's life when the bike needs repair. Whether maintenance or a brake down on the road there are tips that everyone can use. The areas covered in this video are, road repair, tools, brakes, power train.

Road repairs covers the necessary steps in repairing common breakdowns, such as a flat tire, when on the road. This section also covers the tools necessary to bring along in case of just such an emergency. Details on how tools are used for general repairs and maintenance are also included.

The next section is about bike's brakes. It covers their repair and what to look for. There are different symptoms for failing brakes. Some are more difficult to see than others.

Finally, in the power train section, the use and maintenance of pedals, cranks and free wheels is reviewed. Step by step your host goes over each part, its importance and how to repair common areas of wear.

See Also: Bicycle Tripping