Bicycling - Bicycle Tripping

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Going on a bike ride can be an enjoyable experience. Many people ride bikes for different reasons. Our video covers the different ways to use a bicycle. The sections covers are types of bikes, preparation, safety, road repairs, daily commuting, light touring and bicycle camping.

Your host first discusses what your needs for a bike might be. He goes over the types of bicycles available and points out their strengths and weakness.

Once you have settled on a bike you need to have the proper apparel. The example in the video is for biking in cooler weather. There are quite a few things needed when going on a long trip.

Road safety is the most important part of biking. You must be visible at all times. There are many thing that you can add to your bike to make cars or other bikers see you. Our video stresses having the right equipment.

Even when being cautious breakdowns can still occur. Road repairs covers the necessary steps in repairing common breakdowns, such as a flat tire, when on the road. This section also covers the tools necessary to bring along with in case of just such an emergency.

Although not the most common form of transportation to and from work bicycles are used for daily commuting purposes.Your host recommends what types of bikes best fit this purpose. Special equipment is also suggested for a daily commuting

Light touring can also be a lot of fun.Your host suggests traveling and not to forget the essentials mentioned for light touring.

When bicycle camping plan ahead. Make sure you have all the camping essentials and they are balanced evenly on your bike

A bicycling trip can be a lot fun so long as you have the right equipment and safety is the first priority.

See Also: Bicycle Repair